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Battery Recycilng

Power Bank Recycling

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SunSaver Battery Recycling


Lithium batteries, such as that in your power bank, have a limited useful life. So, if you're finding that your power bank is no longer holding much charge, it might be time for a new one.

But disposing of batteries responsibly can be a tricky business, so let us make it easy for you and reward you with a discount for a new SunSaver power bank!

The Process:

1. Purchase our power bank recycling:

We will send you out a pre-paid courier bag to send us your old power bank.

2. Receive a discount for a new SunSaver power bank:

We will send you a promo code for $20 off any SunSaver power bank bought on our online store.

3. We recycle your old power bank:

We will dismantle the old power bank down into its separate components and send to our recycling partners.