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SunSaver Classic, 16,000mAh Solar Power Bank

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SunSaver Classic solar power bank charging in sun
SunSaver Classic back and front
SunSaver Classic charging a phone and tablet
SunSaver Classic being charged by SunSaver Power-Flex
SunSaver Classic with LED light on underwater
SunSaver Classic attached to backpack


Whether you're doing a week-long hike, or simply camping at the beach, the SunSaver Classic's massive battery and tough design will keep your phone and devices charged no matter where you are.

Massive Battery with Dual Outputs

The 16,000mAh battery charges a standard smartphone over 5 times* and with dual USB outputs it can charge 2 devices at once. The high speed output means that your phone will be charged in the same time as charging it from the wall socket.

LED Flashlight

Not just a power bank, but also your solar torch that's bright enough to light up your entire campsite, with a full charge providing up to 50 hours of light.

It also features built in Caution and SOS mode's just in case you ever need to send out an emergency signal!

Solar Charging

Unlike other power banks, the integrated 1.1-Watt solar panel means the SunSaver Classic can charge anywhere there's sun. Although solar charging is relatively slow, it's the perfect back-up in an emergency.

And if you want to rely on the sun for day to day charging, simply plug-in the SunSaver Power Flex to get almost 6 times more solar charging power. Upgrade to a SunSaver Power Pack and save $40!

The SunSaver Classic can also be charged up quickly via its Micro-USB input, just like other power banks.

Fully Waterproof

That's right, its completely submersible! for up to 30 minutes at a meter depth, so you never have to worry about leaving it out in the rain.

One Year Warranty

Our standard 1-year product warranty is there to give you peace of mind and show that we trust our products!

*Based on a smartphone with an 1,800mAh battery


    Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 16,000mAh / 59.2Wh

    Battery Type: A-Grade Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable 

    USB Input: 5V, 2A Micro USB

    Solar Input: 220mA / 1.1W 

    Output 1: 5V, 2.4A (USB)

    Output 2: 5V, 1.0A (USB)

    Dimensions: 166 × 82 × 20.5mm

    Net Weight: 356g

    Operating Temperature: 0 – 45° C

    In the Box

    • S-Shaped Carabiner
    • 3 in 1 charging cable (Micro USB / Type-C / Lightning Connector).
    • User Manual
    • SunSaver Classic Solar Power Bank


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    Is it safe to take on a plane?

    Yes, but as carry-on luggage only and please make sure to refer to your airlines specific rules before flying.

    How long does it take to fully charge by solar?

    Approx. 70 hours of direct sunlight, but this can be reduced to around 14 hours with the SunSaver Power-Flex.

    But just a few hours of strong sunlight can provide enough power to make a phone call.

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