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Emergency Jump Starter Kit

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Emergency Jump Starter Kit
Emergency Jump Starter Kit
Emergency Jump Starter Kit


Never worry about having a dead car or boat battery again!

Including a jump starter power bank and a SunSaver Power-Flex solar charger, this emergency jump starter kit is sure to give you peace of mind.

Jump Starter Power Bank

Just like a normal power bank, but including the amazing ability to jump start vehicles with an engine capacity up to 3.1 Litres.

With a 6,000mAh battery capacity, it can give you up to 2.5 charges for a smartphone*, or up to 6 jump starts for a vehicle.

SunSaver Power-Flex

With 6.4-Watts of solar charging power, the Power-Flex can fully recharge the Jump Starter Power Bank in less than a day of sunshine**.

And because power banks have such a low minimum input current, it can even charge them up on cloudy overcast days.

Storage Case

The storage case keeps the Power Bank, Power-Flex and accessories protected and together to make sure they don't get damaged or lost.

Being nice and compact it can even fit in your glove box so it is always ready to help you out.



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