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SunSaver Power Flex, 6.4-Watt Solar Charger

  • SunSaver Power Flex 6.4-Watt solar charger

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SunSaver Power Flex, 6.4-Watt Solar Charger



The SunSaver Power-Flex is your very own portable solar station. It’s 6.4-Watts of solar power is grunty enough to charge a smartphone straight from the sun* and its unique folding design lets it fit in your pocket for easy transportation. This makes the Power-Flex the ideal charger for all your outdoor adventures as well as a backup for emergency situations.

On a sunny day you can charge your smartphone in less than 2.5 hours** using the Power-Flex as a direct feed. And on a cloudy day you can still use the Power-Flex to charge up a battery pack or power bank. This is because these usually have a much lower charging current than smartphones, so require much less light to charge them up.

This means that the Power-Flex is the perfect way to convert your ordinary battery pack into a solar generator, or to give your solar power bank a turbo boost from the sun.

*Dependent on geography, weather conditions and type of smartphone.
**Based on a smartphone with a 1,800mAh battery.


    Solar Charging

    4 American made solar cells give a combined 6.4-Watts of solar charging power and are efficient enough to charge your smartphone in just 2.5 hours if sunlight*.

    And if you already own a portable power bank, this is the perfect way to upgrade it into your very own mobile solar generator!

    Want more power from the sun? Then check out the 14-Watt SunSaver Super-Flex.

    Smart USB Output

    The USB output supports the charging of almost any 5V device, such as your Smartphone, Tablet, Action Camera, MP3 Player and Power Bank.

    An intelligent smart-chip optimises output to match the needs of your device and with an auto-restart function, the Power-Flex knows when to resume charging after a disruption, such as a cloud.

    Weather Resistant

    With a laminated film coating, the solar panels are waterproof, dustproof and extremely durable, to make sure the Power Flex can survive any of your adventures.

    Light Weight & Compact

    Weighing in at just 190 grams, the Power-Flex is the featherweight champion of the charging world. The unique folding design also means that it is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

    One Year Warranty 

    Our standard 1-year product warranty is there to give you peace of mind and show that we trust our products!

    Watch the Power Flex in action:

    *Solar charging performance is subject to local geography and weather conditions. Estimated charging time is based on a smartphone with an 1,800mAh battery capacity.



    Solar Input: 5V, 1,280mA / 6.4W (Max)






    Solar Conversion Rate: 21% - 24% (Max) 

    Output: 5V, 1.2A (Max) (USB)

    Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃.

    Dimensions: 101 x 142mm (Folded) / 397 x 142mm (Flat)

    Net Weight: 190g


      In the Box

      • SunSaver Power-Flex
      • 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable (Micro-USB, Type-C, Lightning)
      • 2x Carabiner Clips


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      Is it compatible with iPhone?

      Yes, the Power-Flex can charge iPhone's and most other smartphones directly from the sun. There must just be strong enough sunlight to reach the minimum charging current.

      Can it charge my action camera directly from the sun?

      Yes, the Power-Flex can charge most 5V USB devices directly from the sun as long as there is enough sunlight to satisfy the devices minimum charging current.

      Can it charge power banks that aren't SunSaver?

      Yes, as long as the power bank has a 5V USB input, it should be able to charge it. In fact, it is recommended to use a power bank as an intermediate between the Power-Flex and your device, because power banks have a very low charging current and also don't have a digital display that wastes power.

      How sunny does it need to be for the Power Flex to work?

      It all depends on the charging current of your device. For example, large tablets that require a high current will need quite strong sunlight, while a power bank that has a relatively low charging current will still get charge even on an overcast day. 

      This is why we recommend using the Power Flex in conjunction with a power bank.