Tips on how to pick the best power bank

Everything is going online these days and the need for a power bank is ever increasing. There are hundreds of power banks on the market, so it is important to work out exactly what you need out of one to make sure you get one that suits.

A few things to think about are:

  • What will you charge with it?
  • How many devices do you need to charge?
  • How long will you be away from a power source to recharge it?
  • When will you need it the most? At work for everyday use? When traveling/Camping?

All of these things can affect your decision in which power bank to buy. For example, if you want something to keep your phone charged daily. A 10,000mAh power bank is light enough to carry around in your bag or back pack. But if you were going “off the grid” for a few days something a bit bigger like a 16,000mAh power bank would be more suited.

Another point to remember is that cheaper is not always better. There are lots of duplicates online, and these are often made of lower quality parts and components which can break easily. What’s even worse is that they are also often made with poor quality PCB’s (printed circuit boards) with no form of protection to prevent damage to your phone or device. Having a Power Bank that offers you the safety features such as Short-circuit protection, over-discharging protection, high voltage protection will save your device as well as a lot of money in the long run.

Compatibility Issues. Check that the power bank you are looking at can charge all your devices. Some devices have higher or lower input requirements which can affect the way your device charges, and can even cause harm to the battery in extreme circumstances

Power banks are coming with more and more features now, for example LED flash lights, solar panels, some even fully waterproof! Make sure you take these into consideration when purchasing, and really make the most out of your power bank.

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