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Getting the most out of a power bank

Steven Mulqueen

Everything is going online these days and the need for a power bank is ever increasing. There are hundreds of power banks on the market, so it is important to work out exactly what you need out of one to make sure you get one that suits. A few things to think about are: What will you charge with it? How many devices do you need to charge? How long will you be away from a power source to recharge it? When will you need it the most? At work for everyday use? When traveling/Camping?   All of these things...

Your complete guide to flying with a power bank

callum liefting

If you’re confused as to why airlines sometimes confiscate power banks from unsuspecting travelers, and want to make sure this will never happen to you, we’ve put together a complete guide for travelling with your power bank. Can I take my power bank on a plane? Yes, most power banks can be taken on a plane. Power banks are considered to be spare batteries by Aviation Authorities, meaning that they are typically safe to be taken as carry-on, but they must never be put in your checked-in luggage. Power banks of 100Wh or less are usually permitted, while power banks...